Save Money & Improve Yield Just By Adding TIREBOSS


Kennelly Farm joined the 1000's of TIREBOSS   users worldwide and purchased their first TIREBOSS   system for their 9200IH semi tractor pulling a tri axle end dump trailer.  


The Kennelly's realized significant facts when comparing their TIREBOSS   semi against their tri axle straight truck without Tireboss.


Fuel Per Truck​
= $2,500

$500 x 5 Trucks

= $2,304

X 8 People

Harvest Equipment*
= $1,200

$500 x 5 Trucks

Tractor, Lifter, etc



$30,020/5 days

The TIREBOSS   semi consistently outperformed the tri axle as the tri axle needed pulling when the TIREBOSS   semi hauled unassisted

Traction Comparison

The TIREBOSS   semi configuration hauls approximately 50% more per trip (28 tons) than the tri axle (19 tons).


In the course of a 12 hour day, with each truck hauling 12 loads, the TIREBOSS  semi hauled 336 tons and the tri axle 228 tons. The tri axle would have to continue for another 6 loads to get the same volume the Tireboss semi hauled. This is an increase of 50% in production with the semi over the tri axle.





Given the extra 6 trips (which would have taken half a day) the tri axle would spend another $300 in fuel to get the same volume. 

Fuel Savings
Safety & Liability

As a side, Kennellys mentioned how clean the tire are when the trucks leave the field onto public roads. The reduced tire pressures in the field prevented mud build up between the dual tires significantly reducing material pulled onto public roads. 

Here's How

What This Means to the Beet Industry

The increase in haul volume and productivity gains of the TIREBOSS   semi over the tri axle without TIREBOSS   can reduce the overall required harvest days by approx 20-25% in wet conditions. 


A farm with 5 trucks and a couple lifters can realize operating costs in the range of $6,000/day associated with manpower, fuel, machinery wear and tear. This 25% reduction in required harvest days can equal 4-5 days with savings of around $30,000. See calculation below. 



What this means to Kennelly Farms

Kennellys' configuration of choice is now TIREBOSS   equipped semi units given the huge operation savings'