The air control valves in the valve box are connected to the tire groups, and individual tire valve stems, through airlines and various types of rotary couplings mounted at the wheel ends. The air is transferred into (or out of) the tires through this hardware based on selections made by the driver.

Lightweight and compact valve box installed on frame rail

Driver axle hardware is practical, user-friendly and proven durable

Internal steer axle hardware with wheel hub protector

Internal trailer axle hardware with individual wheel shut-off valves

Standard Features 

  • Adaptable to all axle, wheel and truck types

  • Easy installation & transferable from vehicle to vehicle

  • Constant monitoring and control of tire pressures

  • Fast inflation and deflation times

  • No extra air tanks required

  • Control of 1 - 3 separate tire groups

  • Control of up to 10 axles (38 tires)

  • Speed monitoring and safety warnings

  • Self-diagnostic components

  • Dual protection of air brake system

  • Instant tire pressure loss warning

  • Pressure allowance for normal tire heat build-up

  • Interface capability to onboard Data-Log computers

  • Pressure settings adjustable to match any application

  • Multi-language display capabilities

Optional Equipment 

  • Heaters for cold weather operation

  • Load sensing kit for air suspension trucks

  • External alarm kit for picker/crane truck applications

  • Steer hub protective discs


  • Control valve air flow capacity up to 75 CFM (2124 L/min.)

  • Tire pressure operating range up to 120 psi (8.3 bar) (dependent on air supply ability)

  • 11 - 15 VDC primary / 11 - 30 VDC ignition circuits

  • RS232 standard DB9 serial interface

  • Tire pressure control and display accuracy within a nominal range of +/- 2 psi of actual tire pressure

  • Standard valve box dimensions: 38cmW x 40cmD x 50cmH (15” x 16” x 20”)

  • Basic system weight is 66 kg (145 lbs)