Superior mobility in the toughest conditions.

TIREBOSS Agriculture

Our Customers Will Attest To It

“I was first introduced to TIREBOSS at a Sugar Beet Trade show and was interested but also a bit sceptical of the technology. Many of my neighbours have TIREBOSS and they recommended it so I finally decided to make the investment six years ago and I’m happy I did.

I currently have five semi trucks and two planters with TIREBOSS and I am very happy with them. I would never be in a sugar beet field without them. It’s amazing how easily they get through mud.

An additional benefit to our operation is that we no longer have to spend a lot of money on radical grip tires. We can easily use a lower cost, moderate gripped tire and have no problem getting around easily in soft, wet conditions thanks to TIREBOSS.

This was our first year with TIREBOSS on our planters and I was really impressed. There was very little compaction to the field, and we no longer had to worry about sinking every time we turned corners.

TIREBOSS has really taken off in the sugar beet world and it’s no surprise. They work so well and I’ve been amazing by the longevity and ease of maintenance of the TIREBOSS technology.”

– Jason Siegart, SK Farms

How does this benefit you?

Reduced tire pressure provides extremely low ground pressure and incredible mobility. Maximum tire pressure ( eg 100 psi) is only required when the vehicle is fully loaded at highway speeds.

A reduction in vehicle load or speed allows for a safe reduction in tire pressure with a multitude of benefits.

Tire Pressure

Create a longer footprint and larger contact surface area with TIREBOSS

Agriculture equipment technology - tire pressure control benefits
AG Sprayer Benefit

Additional Benefits

On top of increased mobility, expect TIREBOSS to improve the productivity of your operations through:

Improved truck efficiency
Increased tire life
Fewer lost time incidents & towing costs
Improved site access
Reduction in damage to work sites & roadways
Reduced vibration damage
Improved fuel economy
Providing a cost-effective alternative to all-wheel drive

Stop wasting time, manpower and fuel pulling trucks

Tireboss Agriculture hardware2

Our Hardware is Tough

TIREBOSS is designed to work in the most extreme off-road conditions. Our hardware is reliable, durable and made from the highest quality products.

How Tough?

Even with 200 pounds of mud build up, you can rely on TIREBOSS to keep you moving.

Tire Tread
TIREBOSS works where you do.

Look what happens when you operate at reduced tire pressure with TIREBOSS

Our Customers Will Attest To It

“I have my brother Mark to thank for introducing TIREBOSS to our operation. He first saw TIREBOSS at a beet show and was really excited about the technology. I actually laughed at him when he told me about it, and said ‘no way that’ll work’. I really thought it would be a waste of money but my brother wanted to try it and I’m glad we did.

On the first day of sugar beet harvest with TIREBOSS we had a quarter inch of rain. I was certain our tri-axles would have been superior in the muddy fields, and sure enough, the TIREBOSS semi with 30 tons of beets was the only truck that didn’t get stuck that day.

TIREBOSS has completely changed the pace of our sugar beet operation. Our efficiency has gone through the roof. We now have seven units with TIREBOSS and have even placed and order for the newest generation, TIREBOSS 2 – which we’re really excited about.”

Tom Kennelly, Kennelly Farms


Reduce your crop impact. A lower tire pressure helps distribute the truck weight more evenly and reduces damage done to crop fields and dirt roads. It also helps prevent getting stuck in rainy conditions and keeps you moving.

Improve the productivity, safety and cost efficiencies of your operation with TIREBOSS

From sales to installation, to ongoing product support, our team is with you, every mile of the way.