Superior mobility in the toughest conditions.

TIREBOSS Fire & Response

Our Customers Will Attest To It

“I have found the customer service and ongoing product support to be excellent. We now have six trucks equipped with TIREBOSS and any time I have a question, or need maintenance, our TIREBOSS rep responds right away. We’re really excited about the next generation TIREBOSS 2, and plan on continuing to invest in the TIREBOSS technology in the future. “

– Tony, Jaenisch Trucking Inc.

How does this benefit you?

Reduced tire pressure provides extremely low ground pressure and incredible mobility. Maximum tire pressure ( eg 100 psi) is only required when the vehicle is fully loaded at highway speeds.

A reduction in vehicle load or speed allows for a safe reduction in tire pressure with a multitude of benefits.

Tire Pressure

Create a longer footprint and larger contact surface area with TIREBOSS

Tireboss Fire & Response Truck Tire Technology
upclose pic of TIREBOSS on tire

Additional Benefits

On top of increased mobility, expect TIREBOSS to improve the productivity of your operations through:

Improved truck efficiency
Increased tire life
Fewer lost time incidents & towing costs
Improved site access
Reduction in damage to work sites & roadways
Reduced vibration damage
Improved fuel economy
Providing a cost-effective alternative to all-wheel drive

Superior mobility when you need it the most

Improve the productivity, safety and cost efficiencies of your operation with TIREBOSS

From sales to installation, to ongoing product support, our team is with you, every mile of the way.