Superior mobility in the toughest conditions.

TIREBOSS Forestry Technology

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Why We Run TIREBOSS – Bri-Mel Forestry Testimonial

Our Customers Will Attest To It

“I’ve been using TIREBOSS on my logging trucks since 1998, and won’t operate without it. When I am about to travel 90 kilometres down a bumpy haul road, knowing I can lower the tire pressure from the cab of the truck, quite literally saves my sanity. The long drive is much more tolerable and I worry a lot less about vibration damage.

I have certainly saved on tire costs over the years as well. I chain up far less and my tires are never as chewed up as they used to be.”

– Charlie Johnson

How does this benefit you?

Reduced tire pressure provides extremely low ground pressure and incredible mobility. Maximum tire pressure ( eg 100 psi) is only required when the vehicle is fully loaded at highway speeds.

A reduction in vehicle load or speed allows for a safe reduction in tire pressure with a multitude of benefits.

Tire Pressure

Create a longer footprint and larger contact surface area with TIREBOSS

Logging truck operating with TIREBOSS tire presssure control
Fully loaded logging truck driving with no issues due to TIREBOSS

Additional Benefits

On top of increased mobility, expect TIREBOSS to improve the productivity of your operations through:

Improved truck efficiency
Increased tire life
Fewer lost time incidents & towing costs
Improved site access
Reduction in damage to work sites & roadways
Reduced vibration damage
Improved fuel economy
Providing a cost-effective alternative to all-wheel drive

Stand out from the competition with less damage to forestry roads.

Our Hardware is Tough

TIREBOSS was designed to work in the most extreme off-road conditions. Our hardware is reliable, durable and made from the highest quality products. This driver was shocked to discover he had been dragging a log nearly 100 yards and there was no damage to the hoses.

Tire Tread
TIREBOSS works when you work

Look what happens when you reduce tire pressure with TIREBOSS

Less damage to forestry roads

Wild Rose Hauling had an extra 40 days of hauling in 2017 with TIREBOSS equipped trucks.

Forestry Benefits

Improve the productivity, safety and cost efficiencies of your operation with TIREBOSS

From sales to installation, to ongoing product support, our team is with you, every mile of the way.