TIREBOSS Tire Pressure Control can get you out!

Tire Pressure Control International Ltd. (TPC International) manufactures and distributes TIREBOSS   Tire Pressure Control systems to the medium and heavy-duty truck industries. 


These systems are also referred to as Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS) used in Military Transport and Support Vehicles.

The TIREBOSS   Tire Pressure Control system is a COTS computerized device, operated from the cab, allowing the driver to safely change tire pressures while the vehicle is moving. 


TIREBOSS   provides exceptional traction and flotation, reduced rutting, less road damage, and improved access to work sites. It is a proven technology for trucks operating in the sand or mud and also provides many cost-saving advantages.


The systems are supplied as a retrofit system and can be adapted to all types of vehicle and axle configurations.  The systems are also supplied through various OEM's at factory offline assembly facilities and through dealers.  A comprehensive support network is established in numerous countries around the world.


Special wheel end components have been developed for severe use and military applications including wheel end protection kits and automatic lock valves.  The in-cab controller is also Blackout Mode capable and electronics can operate either 12V or 24V.  The systems also meet several EMC compliance criteria for Radiated Emissions, Radiated Susceptibility and have passed ESD testing


System is available in 12V or 24V

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