Want to Increase Your Productivity? Tired Of Pulling Trucks?

Why It Works
High Tire Pressure
Reduced Tire Pressure
TIREBOSS   Will Keep You Moving

TIREBOSS   Tire Pressure Control gives you improved tire traction by allowing the change of your tire pressure on the go. Operating at a reduced tire pressure gives you a greater tire footprint and more flotation. 

Increasing the tire footprint by reducing the PSI, to match the field conditions, decreases the soil compaction. TIREBOSS   provides a snowshoe effect. The tires stay on top of the soil instead of sinking; it is the sink of the tires impacts the ground by limiting irrigation of the ground and diminishes the spread of nutrients. Between planting, spraying, and harvest the loss of volume is 3-5%; by adding TIREBOSS   to your equipment (we have units for planters, sprayers, and harvest operations), you can recover your losses.