Tire Pressure Control International Ltd. has provided design, manufacturing, supply and support of TIREBOSS technology for over 25 years.

Founded in 1996 by Brian Spreen and Les Hinz, TIREBOSS evolved from an industry need to incorporate this technology and improve efficiencies in their operations. TIREBOSS boasts electronic inflation and deflation of tire pressures, with a touch of a button from the cab of the truck, while the vehicle is in motion. The technology has been successfully implemented globally with thousands of TIREBOSS systems in forestry, oilfield, concrete, agriculture, highway transport, and power utility industries. These industries realize significant benefits and cost-savings in their operations.

In 2020 TPC released TIREBOSS 2, the next generation of tire pressure control technology which includes touch screen control, wifi connectivity, and autonomous control of tire pressures based on vehicle load and speed.

Today TPC continues to grow due to their quality products, exceptional product support, and the on-going incorporation of the technology worldwide.


Discover how TIREBOSS can improve the productivity of your industry operation

Our Customers Will Attest To It

“I have found the customer service and ongoing product support to be excellent. We now have six trucks equipped with TIREBOSS and any time I have a question, or need maintenance, our TIREBOSS rep responds right away. We’re really excited about the next generation TIREBOSS 2, and plan on continuing to invest in the TIREBOSS technology in the future. “

Tony, Jaenisch Trucking Inc.

From sales to installation, to ongoing product support, our team is with you, every mile of the way.