Autonomous Control of tire pressures based on load and speed.

Over the Road with TIREBOSS 2 Technology

Our Customers Will Attest To It

Taking care of my tires is really important to me. After discovering and installing TIREBOSS, I have been really impressed with the technology. Not only was the system completely customizable to my truck, I haven’t had a single issue with it and feel confident that when a tire issue does come up, I will be able to quickly and safely pull over and take care of it.

An additional benefit I’ve noticed is that the automated tire pressure control smoothes out the ride. I especially notice it when I am sleeping in the bunk while my wife drives.”

– Kelly Hale, Jelly Trucking
Highway Benefit
Over the Road Benefit

The trusted global leader in tire pressure control for over two decades.

TIREBOSS 2 will improve the productivity of your operations through:

Autonomous Operation matching Your Tire pressure to the load
Increased tire life resulting from equal pressure between all tires
Improved traction and mobility in adverse road conditions with Emergency Traction function
Improved braking
Reduced tire blow outs
Improved fuel economy
Reduced tire wear and vehicle maintenance
Increased comfort for vehicle drivers

TIREBOSS is completely customizable to any type of over the road truck

Improve the productivity, safety and cost efficiencies of your operation with TIREBOSS

From sales to installation, to ongoing product support, our team is with you, every mile of the way.