TIREBOSS Tire Pressure Control can get you out!

Tire Pressure Control systems incorporate Variable Tire Pressure (VTP) technology, also known as Central Tire Inflation (CTI).

Tire inflation pressures are generally specified to permit a vehicle to carry a full payload at highway speeds without overheating its tires. Consequently, when the vehicle is partially loaded, unloaded, or traveling at reduced speeds, its tires are overinflated for the operating conditions. Overinflated tires can contribute to a variety of problems including poor mobility, increased vehicle vibration, tire wear, an occurrence of tire punctures and damage to the road surface. 

Maximum tire pressure is only required when a vehicle is at highway speeds with a full load. When you reduce your load or speed, you should also be reducing your pressures

Road crowning causes unequal load sharing on dual tires with unequal tire pressure. This results in irregular tire wear and increased stress to the road. 

TIREBOSS   ensures equal tire pressure at all times providing significant benefits to vehicle and roads.

How It Works

Reducing tire pressure creates a longer footprint and distributes the vehicle weight over a larger surface area.